Why Choose Sunflower State Dance?

When it comes time to put your child in dance, there are many factors that should contribute to your decision when choosing the right dance studio for your family. At Sunflower State Dance we are different than you average day to day dance studio.

Our Core Values

1) Educated Instructors: At Sunflower State Dance you can rest easy knowing that all of our instructors are college educated in dance or a pursuing a higher level education in dance. Injury prevention and technique are huge priorities to them. Not only have are teachers received education through college but they are also trained right here at Sunflower State Dance on our curriculum and beliefs.

2) Always Appropriate: All of our class content from music to dance moves are always appropriate. We believe kids should stay kids as long as they can. Here we will never have our students wear anything provocative or suggestive in anyway. We keep our costumes and choreography tasteful for everyone in the family! 

3) Family-friendly environment: At Sunflower State Dance you will find a home away from home. We love having siblings and parents hang out in our lobby while classes are in session. Your dancer will be encouraged to be the best they can be inside and outside of the studio. 

Are you and your child interested in coming in for a new student trial class? We would love to have you try out a class! Click the button below to claim you trial class pass gift.