What To Bring To Dance Class

Four Dance Class Essentials Every Dancer Needs

4 essentials to bring to dance class

When it comes to what to bring to dance class, many people get overwhelmed on what to bring and what not to bring to dance class. However dance requirements are very similar to any other sport or physical activity. 

  1. Shoes: Be sure to get the proper dance shoes for the type of dance class. We sell all of the brands we recommend in our studio dance store.  Always wear regular street shoes to the studio and change into dance shoes before class. Wearing dance shoes outside ruins them.
  2. Dance Clothes: All students should be in proper dress code for each class. Ballet students must wear a leotard and tights, in addition to having the proper shoes. See our dress code portion of our handbook in the student portal for more information.
  3. Hair Tie: All students should have their hair pull back into a ponytail. If hair is too short pigtails or a half up is fine. This way dancers can focus on dancing and not pushing their hair out of their face. 
  4. Water: Students are encouraged to bring a bottle of water. Staying hydrated is extremely important when exercising. Please leave it in your cubby during class unless the instructor says otherwise. Older students are always encouraged to bring water inside the classroom as their classes get more rigorous.

If you ever are not sure on what to bring, just ask! We are happy to help fit our students for the proper dance shoes, leotards, tights, and more. 

Ready to try a dance class?