Preparing For Performance

So many things to think about before a performance! Here's a quick list of reminders to help you be prepared for performances ahead.

  • Alway pack in advanced, never the morning of the performance. If you are getting nervous chances are you will forget something. Be prepared before to minimize stress and forgetfulness.
  • Attach bobby pin to hair piece... and then bring extras! Plus hairspray!
  • Have dance makeup ready to go in its own bag. 
  • Double check you have all the correct shoes packed.
  • Bring at least one pair of extra tights- you never know when you will snag a pair.
  • Make sure to bring a water bottle and to stay hydrated! Stay away from sugary drinks and overly caffeinated drinks the day of the performance. This is important to staying hydrated and you will feel less bloated than when drinking carbonated beverages.
  • Pack a healthy snack. Great options include protein bars, granola bars with minimum sugar, fruit, veggies, yogurt, dried nuts. Do Not bring candy and/or junk food. You need sustainable energy, not a sugar rush. Remember the sugar can elevate your heart rate which will make you feel more nervous. A snack is perfect for breaks, however you should not be eating in costume or at least 30 minutes before going on stage. A snack should be light not excessive. 
  • Pack a lunch, if needed. Many venues do not have healthy options for dancers. To solve this problem, pack your own lunch! Again remember you will be dancing after so nothing heavy that will make you want to take a nap. Stay away from fried foods and fast food!  
  • Practice choreography the night before, this will help you be less nervous the day of.
  • Practice facial expressions the night before in a mirror. Confidence is key!
  • Get a goodnights rest! Make sure you are giving yourself the proper amount of sleep. The night before the competition should be relaxing and mellow.