Summer Classes 2018

Join us for lots of fun with our themed one day parties and 4 day long introductory camp!

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**New student trial lessons are not available for summer classes** 

Magical MermaidMascarade-2.png

One Day Ballet Party- July 28

Swim away to a magical ocean, where your dancer gets to be a mermaid for the day! This one day ballet party features all things ocean and mermaid themed. Mermaids will make a fun under the sea craft, jump through seaweed forests and over coral reefs, and learn a dance inspired by their favorite mermaid princess! 

Ages 4-7

80s HipHop Dance Party-3.png

One Day Hiphop Party- July 28

Neon, side ponytails, cassette tapes, pac-man, and not to forget iconic 80s music!

This 80s hiphop dance party will be totally tubular! Dancers will learn 80s hiphop dance moves, create and design their own 80s style t-shirt for a craft, and put on a performance at the end of the party. 

Ages 7-11

Introduction to Dance Class.png

July 30-August 2 5:00-5:30

Going to be starting dance in the fall for the first time? 
Then this class is perfect for your little dancer!
Ease into dance class in a smaller class setting, perfect for new students to warm up to the studio. In this class we learn the different parts of ballet class. In addition we will do a tour of the studio, learn about stretching, and get a head start at learning the ballet positions!

Ages 2.5-4