School Aged Children


Level 4: Combination class of Ballet, Tap, and Basic Tumbling. Dancers will continue their education of pre-ballet technique, basic tumbling skills essential to dance, and beginning tap rhythm and technique. This is a one hour class and is recommended once a week. This class is recommended for kindergarten through first graders.



Level 5: At this level dancers begin focusing on beginning ballet technique including beginning classical ballet terminology, posture, and body alignment. Dancers will gain a deeper understand of tap rhythm, technique, as well as learn time-steps. Dancers also begin learning beginning jazz technique. This class will also do tumbling once-a-month to maintain flexibility and acrobatic skills needed for dance. This class is for 2nd grade and 3rd graders and one class a week is recommended.

HipHop 1: Dancers in this class learn fun and sassy routines while working on hiphop technique such intricate footwork and staying low to the ground. This class features the latest hiphop dance moves and hit music. Dancers love this upbeat cardio dance class and parents love that it is always appropriate! 


Beginning technique

Beginning level technique: At this level a more in depth study of each genre begins. Dancers at this level should already have a good understanding of ballet, tap, and jazz. The focus begins to shift from learning new steps to perfecting the way each step is executed. New more difficult steps will be learned as well at this level.

  • In ballet classes posture and body alignment become the focus at this level, as well as increasing movement vocabulary.

  • In jazz class the focus is on increasing flexibility, leaps, turns, and jumps.

  • In tap class rhythm and learning more advanced core steps of tap dancing are focused on.

Level 6 dancers are recommended to take two ballet classes, jazz, and tap. Hiphop is a fun option to add to the core classes.

Hiphop 2: A continuation of hiphop 1. This class focuses on a more in depth study of the hiphop dance genre. Students will learn history of hiphop dance, more advanced dance steps, and continuing to implement musical skills into their movement. 

Ballet and Jazz for Older Beginning Students

New to dance or returning after a long break? Then this class is perfect for you! Learn the basics of ballet and jazz in a welcoming environment surrounded by peers doing the same.

Ages 11-16