About Our Annual End of the Year Recital

General Event Information

Here at Sunflower State Dance we believe every student should have the chance to perform. 

The goal of our end of the year recital is to be a fun experience for the dancers and as stress-free as possible for parents.

It is a great way for dancers to show friends and family their dance skills they have learned throughout the season! 

Leading up to the recital we have one picture day at our studio and one technical rehearsal (no costumes) at the auditorium.

Our recital is a one day event that typically runs about an hour and a half.


Depending on the age and class, dancers will either purchase a costume to keep or rent a costume from the studio to be return after the recital. This helps keep costs lower for families and reduces closet clutter. Currently our ballet, tap, and jazz classes for 2nd grade and up rent costumes. We hope to be able to add more in the future.

For more info on how to make recital time a great experience, check out our blog post! Recipe For A Great Recital