Ten Week Mini Session

Starting the last week in February. These classes will not participate in the end of the year recital.

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Ballet Foundations for Older Students

Did your child take dance when they were young, and are wanting to get back into dance now that they are older? Or perhaps your child hasn't taken dance before but is wanting to try?
If you answered yes to either of these questions then this is the perfect class! 
We know it is never ideal to place a beginner older student in a class full of student younger then them or to put them in a class of advanced peers. These are just a couple reasons why created this class. 
It is never too late to get back into dance or develop a new passion!

Ages- 10-15 years old
Date range- 10 weeks- February 25- May 13, 2019

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Boys Only Hiphop

We are so excited to offer a boys only hiphop class. We noticed a trend happening on social media that boys are getting more into dancing with their favorite video game Fortnite. From the floss, dabs, and hype if your boy is dancing around the house with some of these dance moves, then this the perfect class to turning those video game dance moves into reality! 

Ages- 7-12
Date range- 10 weeks- February 27- May 15, 2019